I identify as a Leather girl with a long list of BDSM interests but at the top is a love of rope, service, and bootblacking. Over the last decade, I have been a sex+,¬†kink+,¬†advocate and educator within the LGBTQ+, Poly, and BDSM communities particularly regarding mental health awareness and body image. I have been honored to have the opportunity to teach for university classes here in Tampa as well as events across the US including Florida Power Exchange, Fetishcon, Wicked Women, NARIX, and FIRE. I can also be found blending my rope skills with various circus arts at events such as Frolicon, Hulaween, Holiday Heros, and Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza.

By giving back to my community through honest discussions, informative and entertaining presentations, hands-on education, exciting performances and social media outreach she hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions.