Book Review

Book Review: Erotic Slavehood


Focused: 5/5
Informative: 4/5
Accessibility: 4/5
Pro: Quick read, helpful for either side of the power exchange
Con: Needs a second round of editing, training is very formal and could turn off to some readers
Recommended for: Power Exchange, Dominant, submissive, D/s, M/s, solo submissives, TPE

First recommended to me by Master Cecil & Serving Wench of The Woodshed Orlando I was excited to see what Erotic Slavehood: Miss Abernathy Omnibus had to offer. Combining Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual and Training with Miss Abernathy, this book offers both Masters/Dominates and their submissives a good foundation for learning. Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual was written with the Dominant or Master in mind with sections such as identifying your desired type of service, how to approach contracts, and how to design a training program that works for you and your submissives. The second section of the book Training with Miss Abernathy is a series of fifty assignments, grouped by type of service, to guide learning. For a Dominate this part can offer a groundwork for creating your own assignments. For the unattached submissive it can give you a guided plan of personal growth and reflection. My one big complaint was that there were a number of typos and grammar errors. While I am far from perfect on those points myself the errors were frequent enough to bother me. Overall I think this book is excellent and is on the top of my recommended reading lists for anyone exploring D/s, M/s, or power exchange relationships.

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