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Why YES! Fat girls do it too.

I am a fluffy girl. By fluffy I mean I’m fat by society standards at 5’2 200lbs. This is not a negative comment against myself just a statement of the current, shifting, state of my physical body. While I used to be thinner I have always been curvy and though at first glance you might dismiss me as just another fat girl I am incredibly flexible and strong. I’ve danced ballet, pointe, and modern. I enjoy yoga, cycling, and circus arts such as aerial and contortion. When I tell people what I do I often get the “I didn’t know big girls did…” This is almost as bad as when people find out I have a M.A. in Library Science and they say in a shocked tone “They have masters degrees for librarians? Don’t you just check out books and tell people to be quiet?” It’s obnoxious.

Self Suspension R: RunningAemok P: Knot_head
Self Suspension
R: RunningAemok P: Knot_head

I let this kind of open prejudice, generally prefaced with “I don’t mean to be rude,” keep me from participating in things I was interested in including rope bondage. When I looked at the BDSM media I didn’t see many bodies like mine represented. It gave me the impression that it’s fine to do rope privately as a big girl but don’t think anyone other than your partner would ever be interested in it. Unlike a lot of others, I was lucky to have had a positive first experience with suspension. Though I was nervous about being too bit Master Penguin didn’t bat a lash when I asked for my first flight.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop) Practice

Over the years, as I have added different types of activities to my life, I’ve come to understand that there is so much more than just the number on the scale or the curve of my body that allows/inhibits my activities. So when someone says “I don’t mean to be rude but I didn’t know bigger girls could do…” I work just that much harder to show that YES! Anyone can do [rope, aerial, yoga, contortion, other activities they love] if they have a passion and try hard enough. They may never join Cirque Shibari or Cirque du Soleil but they can love what they do regardless of their size or other people’s assumptions.


This post sparked by a shared article #Sizedoesntmatter Challenge Shows That Plus Size Women Can Do Yoga Too found at Plus Model Mag

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