My time in BED!

A few weeks ago I got to attend my first Bondage Expo Dallas. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait till next year! Here’s a quick review of some of the highlights of this years BED.


If you dig rope then I can guarantee that you’ll find something to peak your interest whether your interested in refining your technique, expanding your scene dynamics, or examining history and teaching styles. Here are some of my favorite classes from this years BED:

Pressure and Time by WykD Dave & Clover looked at using time and changes in pressure on the rope/body to extend and enhance the torture within the scene.

Kinbaku 360, taught by Demonsix, Kazami Ranki, Kikorope, Blue Risk, Ojipan, WykD Dave, and Faviola Llervu, was a look at the TK’s progression over the last century. It was exceptionally interesting to see how the tie has developed and then to compare an american, european, and japanese riggers varieties.

Teaching Rope by WykD Dave & Clover was a great opportunity to get ideas on class creation, delivery methods, and handling difficult situations.

I also had the opportunity to bottom and supply input during Despoena Calypso’s Suspending Curvy Bottoms class which was a ton of fun. Getting to interact with such a wide variety of body types and genders was great.

Non Class Awesomeness – Beyond the classes there are some great things to check out.

Free Range Rope Rope – When you aren’t in a class pop over to the free range rope room to have some pure rope geek time. With rigs available and space to stretch out it’s a great space to tweak that tie, lab something out with someone new, or just get some play in. I actually went in to rest at one point and just enjoy watching all the activity.

Dungeon – Having so many points available and a large open space for floor work made for a great environment. So many different styles of rope and play. Additionally presenters did “playformances” on the main stage throughout both nights

Afterparty! – I admit, the fact I got to “Go to Church” on Sunday to end my weekend tickled my funny bone to no end. I thought the space was more of a play space then a dance club but once I was there I was pleasantly surprised with how great the space was. When watching the show there wasn’t a bad view regardless if you were up in VIP or down at the stage level. It was a great opportunity to relax and unwind with friends new and old before we headed back to the real world.

Overall it was a great experience that I will definitely be adding to my regular trip planning. If you’re on the fence and can make it happen I DEFINITELY recommend getting into BED!

Here’s some pics from the Afterparty at Church!

DC and I outside Chruch
DC and I outside Chruch
WykD Dave and Clover
WykD Dave and Clover
OsakaDan & Fuoco
OsakaDan & Fuoco

BONUS: One of the perks of being DC’s bottom for class was that she asked me to bottom for the presenters private class with Kazami san on Monday. It was a great opportunity to see his style of tying and playing in a more relaxed setting. Afterwards, I got to hang out with the great BED crew of organizers and presenters one last time over BBQ and Fried Pies before we had to get out of BED.

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