Keeping Track of the Good Little Girls and Boys

One of the things I loved in my previous Daddy/girl relationship was the chore system we created. It wasn’t elaborate but a great way for Sir to give some encouragement for some of my regular chores that I may have been a little less than excited about. Here’s some options you can use to track tasks for your sub, regardless if they are little or not!

Physical Board

When my previous Sir suggested a chore board I was SUPER excited. First chore: make the board. It was a great littles project that can really be customized to the age/interest of your sub. I used a door hanger, clothes pins, stickers, and a calendar for mine. Here’s some pics:

My chores were split into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly. As I finished a task the clothespin was moved from the left “To Do” side to the right “Done” side. Every morning we would get together and I’d get to show him if I did all my chores. If I did I got a sticker! Each category was combined so dailies were worth 1 sticker, weeklies was worth 2, and monthly were worth 3. After I got a certain number of stickers on the calendar I’d get to have a “little’s date.” That was a chance to do something out of the ordinary of my choosing. Once we had a picnic and flew a kite! It was pretty fantastic.

Pro – customizable, great craft project, easy to use, actual physical thing (I loved this part)

Con – if you don’t stay on top of keeping track of your stickers you’ll lose your place 🙁 , may not work well for LDR or those that are super busy/opposite schedule


This is a great app for smartphones that gamifies the chore system. With separate accounts for “parents” and “kids” I really loved this one. “Parents” go in and set up various chores and assign points to be rewarded for each. Next they create “Rewards.” Both the Chores and Rewards are super customizable with photos and due dates. You can get notifications when your sub has finished a chore and go check it off as completed properly. For the littles there are two different rewards really. First the obvious rewards that our “parents” create. Second though are the carnival tickets. They let you get a spin on the wheel to unlock fun little monsters! If your little likes collecting things this is the app for you!

Kids view:


Parents view:

Pro – colorful, fun, great for LDR/hectic/opposite schedule situations, auto alerts, REALLY customizable chore and reward lists

Con – working out the points and prizes


After my relationship with Sir ended I still wanted a way to try and track my tasks in a fun way. Since I’m a gamer, HabitRPG seemed like it may be a good option. This app allows you to customize your aviator and has three categories of tasks (Habits, Dailies, To-Dos) which are pretty self explanatory. Tasks get either a positive or negative and rated as easy, medium, or hard. Different difficulties result in different amounts of gold when you check them off. Unlike the other methods where you don’t immediately feel the loose for not doing your chores HabitRPG deducts health from you for each negative you receive. Rewards wise you have two options: Custom and Gear. Custom rewards are things you input like hitting the movies or ice cream. Gear are items you can add to your avatar to make them more awesome. My biggest problem was I got bored very quickly. I will say that I never tried the social tools such as guilds or challenges. This might have changed things but as it was I didn’t stick with this app for too long.


Pro – great for older little’s or geeks, has both a reward and penalty built in, good for solo individuals

Con – no outside accountability, limited stuff you can access without putting in real money for crystals, got boring quick


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