My Big FAT Rebuttal

Recently I read a post about wanting to “swap people’s attitude about herpes with their attitude about obesity” on Fetlife. While I understand her wanting to advocate to breaking down the stigma that surrounds herpes using body shaming isn’t a way to do it. All it does is turn an entire population off to anything else you are saying. Particularly if your facts are more assumptions and not actually based in fact.

Not everyone who appears to be overweight is unhealthy. Not everyone carries their weight in the same fashion meaning physical appearance could mean very little to how healthy our bodies are. I am technically *morbidly obese* based solely on the number on the scale. I am 5’2″ and weigh between 200-210. What that doesn’t take into account is my actual body measurements. Those put me at about 30% body fat which ISN’T actually overweight at all! It doesn’t take into account that I’m *NOT* being destroyed from the inside out. My blood pressure, heart, lungs, and other major organs are ALL well healthy. I eat pretty well, not always but much of the time, and try to limit the amounts of sweets. I exercise regularly and vigorously. About 20 mins a day with 1-3 times a week having intense training in various circus arts for 2-4 hours (aerial, conditioning, contortion, acro, balancing). It’s intense and guess what my body rocks that shit hard core. I can do things that I have no problem saying MOST people couldn’t do “even at my weight.”

I am not an anomaly. If you look at A LOT of professional athletes and took their numerical weight guess what? They’d be listed as “overweight/obese” solely because their height to weight ratio isn’t within a strict standard created in a doctors office.

* YES we need to focus on healthier overall lifestyles
** Yes we need to promote less sedentary lifestyles
** Yes we need to promote healthier eating habits
** Yes we need to break the stigma of mental health
* YES we need to focus on breaking the stigma surrounding STI and sexual health
* Yes we need to stop body shaming each other regardless of the shape and size they are

* NO we don’t all need to be within the standards that are created without accepting variables such as structure and muscle density

*Being fat is absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE in american culture

and lastly


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