Taking my rope on the high seas!

This past weekend I got to join 25 other Turtles from HarmonyUS for a cruise to Mexico. It was a time for individual and group growth, reflection, and bonding. One of my personal goals for the trip was to tie in Mexico. I got to at two different locations and with the help of HarmonyWolf was able to capture some of the beach tie!


During our day in port we hit a few different places. First up was San Geruasio ruins. After wandering amongst the various buildings I found a spot just past Nohoch Nah, a temple dedicated to the feathered serpent god Ku’kul’kan, which seemed to inspire me. I am an Aerial Dragon after all! I didn’t have any specific tie in mind. Instead I just went where the ropes guided me. It was fantastic to just take a few moments to do rope in a place with so much history and energy.

Next we stopped at a local beach for a bit of snorkeling and lunch. We had about five minutes before we had to head back to the ship so I snagged HarmonyWolf and went to one of the rockier areas near the beach. It was just a quick mermaid tie but it was super fun to rope bomb on a beach in Mexico. Many thanks to him for taking some great shots as the waves jumped up the rocks! Next time we’ll definitely plan for more rope opportunities.





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