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Find Me at Florida Power Exchange!

We’re just over a week away from one of my favorite events of the year: Florida Power Exchange!!!

If you are looking to grow your dynamics this is the event for you. Offering a wide variety of classes, exciting socials, and tantalizing play spaces you’re sure to find something to enjoy.


Here are the classes and panels that I’ll be involved in throughout the weekend.

Butler’s Books

As a submissive, you may strive to make your service seem effortless and anticipatory. This can be a challenge when you’re juggling relationships, families, work, and social lives of multiple people! One way to keep all the information organized and easy to use is through developing a Butler’s Book. Also known as a Service Journal, these handy tools can help you stay on top of schedules, preferences, and other important information to help your service shine. This class will discuss options for setting up your Butler’s Book, commonly included sections and more.

Our Bodies – Panel – Aemok, Topher, TheStuntdouble, Selene & Autumn

From mainstream media to K&P our world is filled with images which influence our ideals of beauty and ourselves and though the lifestyle still tends to be more accepting, body confidence issues are something many of us still struggle with. This panel hopes to open the conversation about our relationships with our bodies. By sharing our own journeys and engaging attendees to discuss common themes that affect people regardless of one’s size such as body shaming and judgment and find alternatives that promote healthy, body positive outlooks.

Mental Health – Panel – Victor, Aemok, and others (full panel still pending)

Stigma of any kind can be a devastating force, it is something that we experience quite often as those that engage in a lifestyle that people don’t understand. Many of us know how it feels to be closeted, persecuted or even desperately alone until we find a community that understands us.
You are not alone.
In this session, we will be hosting a panel that includes several persons whom not only live within a community of peers within BDSM but also who strive to educate and reduce the stigma surrounding Mental Health and how it affects our lives and relationships. We will strive to create an open forum to provide personal experiences, a safe place to talk and even try to plan for a more inclusive future.

The Power of the Exchange – Aeo & Aemok (Rope track)

How many times have you heard that rope bondage is boring? That it’s too complicated, or seems dull, or how the act of bondage is so impersonal? How about the question of how can rope bondage be a dynamic power exchange experience? Well, let me assure you, it is anything but boring. Let’s talk about the practical techniques of taking rope beyond the simple “stand and model” mode of bondage, and into the realm of true expression.

**Attendees need to bring at least one length of 30-ish foot long piece of rope if they wish to follow along as they learn.


For more information on the event or to get your registration in visit

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