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So this is a few weeks late (SORRY!) but I promised my class at Florida Power Exchange that I’d share a list of resources for getting their feet wet or wetter in rope. Now, these are just places to start and build your knowledge but getting some hands-on time with an experienced rope person (top or bottom they can both give you some excellent insight regardless of which side of the rope you prefer) makes a world of difference. I definitely recommend checking out conferences near you or see if there’s a local rope group/jam. If you don’t know where to start please don’t hesitate to send me a message here or via email at runningaemok@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you find something in your neck of the woods.

To Read:

Evie Vane is a badass bottom and author. I highly recommend both of her books The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up and Better Bondage for Every Body. ^ Evie worked with some amazing people in the community to give a really accessible and helpful resource. You can find both at Ropebottoming.com!

Another author, well pair of authors, I recommend are the Two Knotty Boys. Their books were some of the materials that introduced me to bondage and walked me through my first self-ties. You can find Showing you the Ropes and Back on the Ropes at Powell Books.

Lee Harrington writes not just in the world of rope but on many aspects of our lifestyle including gender and the sacred. Check out their work at http://passionandsoul.com/books/lee/

Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori s not only useful it’s just stunningly pretty as well. You can find it here.

Clover also has an amazing bottoming guide. Check it out over [here][http://kinkyclover.com/resources/rope-bottom-guide/]!

To Watch

I legit love the way Twisted Monk’s channel presents ties in a very accessible way. They go through not only the steps required to create the tie but the hows/whys of important parts of tying. Check out his Youtube Channel There are also a number of videos with Midori joining in!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few classes from WykD Dave during at cons. I’ve really enjoyed how he explains his style of tying. You can check out his videos on his channel over here.

To Follow (these are people whose work inspires me to push myself and create):

On Fet:

@Cynna who though I haven’t attended her classes (she’s on my bucket list) is a badass bottom and rigger with some excellent insight for typing lots of body types.
@Rae A women I absolutely respect and admire who happens to be a badass rope person.
@JackHandcock One of my go-to male rope peoples (he ties a lot of masculine and male).

On IG (There are so many I know I’m missing some of my favs but it’s 1:00 so I’m cutting myself slack :p ):


So those are some of my suggestions to get you started. Thanks for being patient while life was hectic. Again, if you have questions or want to connect feel free to reach out!

^I was honored to be featured in one of the images in this book delightfully torturing my good friend The Stunt Double.

^^Some of this may look familiar because I included it in a previous writing on tying bigger bodies.

^^^Disclaimer: Rope play is Edge Play and has risk involved. Before jumping into the deep end learn about the risks of various types of rope play, ways to mitigate and prevent some of the common concerns, and work with someone who can literally and figuratively show you the ropes. I’m a huge fan or RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and PRICK (Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink) and ask that you remember that I am only responsible for the choices I and my partners take in our play. These resources are meant to help you as you learn.

^^^^^There is no one true way or one correct style. There are lots of other resources out there as well these just happen to be some of my personal favorites

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