Take a peek inside my January Boho Berry Box!


When I started my Butler’s Book journey about a year ago a good friend recommended checking out the Boho Berry Tribe on Facebook. This lead me down a wonderful rabbit hole of community and resources. Kara, the owner of Boho Berry, is a wealth of information when it comes to journaling and an inspiration as an entrepreneur. When she launched her Boho Berry Box subscription in late 2017 I jumped at the chance to snag a box. Today I want to share with you what came in the Snail Mail edition (January 2018) in preparation for #INCOWRIMO

Here’s a peak of what’s in the box!

Ps: This is the box that arrived in January in preparation for February. I forgot she calls them by the month ahead not the month they arrive! Whoops!


I Got a Kink Crate and I’m BEYOND Shocked in the Best Way Possible!


Last weekend I went to visit fellow kink educator and awesome rope partner-in-crime TheStuntDouble to unbox my newly arrived “Couples” Kink Crate. Honestly, we were totally prepared for some giggles and 50 Shades-style feather tickers and velcro cuffs. Instead, we were shocked by what is actually a pretty damn well-curated box of not just toys but QUALITY educational materials! Check out the unboxing video at the bottom and some of my thoughts on my first Kink Crate.*

The Box

I put my name in the hat a few months ago to review the Kink Crates and when I opened up the box I was beyond excited to see that it was a rope themed box! I mean anyone who knows me knows I’m a giant rope slut. It’s like it was meant to be.

Right on top of the box was the Kink Crate Handbook and Kink Diary. The handbook is filled with really fucking useful information for anyone just testing out the waters of bondage including safety info (such as nerve damage risks and first aid), negotiations, and some great starter ties. The Diary is a cute little addition to keep track of what works and doesn’t and any fun ideas you want to try later!

Jay Wiseman’s Basic Rope Bondage was the next item I wiped out which is perfect step by step starter book and it’s convenient “toy bag” size means you can carry it anywhere for some rope reading on the go!

There are also some other smaller items like the Twizzlers (BEST PERVERTABLE CANDY!) and stickers.

The Rope

This kink crate came with three bundles of rope: hemp, cotton, and leather! I’ll describe them in order of preference starting with my least favorite.

#3 Hemp – This rope smelt and felt more like jute to me. In fact, I actually incorrectly corrected myself once I had my hands on it while taping the unboxing. I’m a fan of rougher natural fiber but this 8mm rope was even a bit rough to the touch for me and has an extremely loose lay.

#2 Cotton – The braided cotton is what I think of when I remember my first bundles of sex shop bondage ropes!. That’s not a bad thing by any stretch. In a sexy shade of red, this rope is really soft and fairly flexible. With just a bit of bite to the fibers, your knots won’t go sliding every which way.

#1 Leather – Of the three this is my favorite by far! I’ve never played with leather rope before and the blending of two of my tops kinks definitely makes me more than a bit wet. Upon first inspection, the rope is similar to paracord in thickness and design with its solid core and exterior stitched leather sheath. I loved the way this felt against my skin! It was super smooth but the seam of the leather digs in just a bit.

Spot Fucking On

Between the scientifically accurate, sex+ information from reliable writers/educators to the variety of rope provided the Kink Crate for couples was spot fucking on! I dig the fact there was variety in the box so people new to rope bondage can get an idea of what they like or don’t.

I also loved the fact that there was diversity in their representation too! The Kink Squad card has a variety women (both top and bottoms) and the icon for next months Nips and Whips theme is a female POC top. On top of the visual, they have boxes for singles and couples with options for male/female, female/female, AND male/male couples. 

I definitely recommend checking it out whether you’re new to kink or just want to try something new. Want to save 33% on your first Kink Crate? Check out!


Full Unboxing!


*Kink Crate sent this box to me for review. The affiliate link to their site gives you, my wonderful readers, a 33% discount on your first box and I can earn more boxes to test out!


Stability and Flexibility for the Advanced Flyer


I’m super excited to be helping the talented Morgana Meow with her class next weekend at FIRE in Orlando, Florida. If you want to grow your bottoming skills! Here’s a little bit about the class!

Stability and Flexibility for the Advanced Flyer

What’s a contortion split? Hollow body? Bum hat? How do I get these things and then maintain them? This class is less about general rope topics like safety, stretching, and tying, and more about intermediate/advanced positions, first on the ground, then in the air. Participants will learn foundational conditioning and muscle focus for stabilizing joints and strengthening surrounding muscles to allow for controlled, conscious flexibility, as well as alignment and aerial awareness for endurance in challenging suspensions such as single-limb suspensions and for modeling shoots.