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Join Me at Metro Kink!

Are you on the list?  Join some of Tampa's finest for a night of sexy delights you're sure to remember at KINK! - An Art Affair!

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Transgender Suicide Prevention Hotline Now Available in the US & Canada!

Transgender Suicide Prevention Hotline now available in the US & Canada!

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Find Me at Florida Power Exchange!

We're just over a week away from one of my favorite events of the year: Florida Power Exchange!!!

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Fetcon 2016 in Review

Fetish Con (aka Fetcon) is an interesting beast in the world of kinky cons. Unlike a lot of events I go to, this one is primarily focused on the people who make kink their living. Models and producers making connections and shooting, parties by the pool, classes on kink business and intros to modeling and… Continue reading Fetcon 2016 in Review


1969. 2016. Still Fighting for Our Right to LOVE.

On June 28th, 1969 New York City Police raid the Stonewall Inn sparking six long days of riots and a turning point in the fight for gay rights. A year later the first Gay Pride Parades were held in NYC, Chicago, and LA. 47 years later Pride is celebrated not only across the US but across the… Continue reading 1969. 2016. Still Fighting for Our Right to LOVE.

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Better than the book: Things 50 Shades the movie did well.

We know the negatives of the 50 shades books. The writing is atrocious. The author doesn't represent the "real" BDSM lifestyle. They don't warn about the extra dark side. We could go on. Honestly though, the fact the series has become so popular isn't entirely bad! Here are some reasons the 50 Shades movie isn't as… Continue reading Better than the book: Things 50 Shades the movie did well.

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Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza

Like Bondage? Like Rope? Want to see 12 hours of amazingly talented rope artist come together in the worlds LARGEST public display of rope bondage? Join us October 4th in Toronto, Orlando, and on the web for Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza! Additionally performances from the San Francisco event held at The Armory Upper Floor will be… Continue reading Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza

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There’s More to a Name

Recently I've seen a number of friends and acquaintances, particularly pups, being flagged on Facebook because their profiles reflect their chosen not legal names. According to a BBC article posted this morning "Several hundred accounts were flagged by a single user for contravening company policy last month."  I'm happy to see both the BBC &… Continue reading There’s More to a Name