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Join Me at Metro Kink!

Are you on the list?  Join some of Tampa's finest for a night of sexy delights you're sure to remember at KINK! - An Art Affair!


Performing at KINK! – An Art Affair

Come see me and many other great performers, educators, and friends at KINK - An Art Affair!! Tampa Bay is about to get a BIG dose of sexy! KINK - An Art Affair, will make its debut and is sure to be more than an art auction coming to St Petersburg, FL. KINK is erotic… Continue reading Performing at KINK! – An Art Affair



On the night of June 11, 2016, I spent a humid summer night in Orlando at The Woodshed. After a good night with friends, I headed home to Tampa just before 2am. When I woke on the morning of the 12th my phone was exploding with messages. I called my mom who had left many… Continue reading LoveisLoveisLove


Rope Resources!

Hello! So this is a few weeks late (SORRY!) but I promised my class at Florida Power Exchange that I'd share a list of resources for getting their feet wet or wetter in rope. Now, these are just places to start and build your knowledge but getting some hands-on time with an experienced rope person… Continue reading Rope Resources!


Reposted: Confessions of a Fat Rope Slut

Hello again! This afternoon I want to re-share a post I made about a year and a half ago. It's as much a chance for me to re-share an important message with you all as it is a reminder to myself that I'm stronger than I think and feel sometimes. A reminder that the thoughts,… Continue reading Reposted: Confessions of a Fat Rope Slut


Florida Power Exchange 2018: You Are Not Alone

When you think of your home event what comes to mind? For me it's a space where I can reconnect with friends and family, recharge, grow, and play. For me, that event is Florida Power Exchange!  Focused on building relationships and personal growth this year's FPE is sure to have something for everyone. Now in… Continue reading Florida Power Exchange 2018: You Are Not Alone


FPE’s Next Top Presenter

Do you have what it takes to be Florida Power Exchange's Next Top Presenter? If you have a passion you want to share with the community but you've had limited teaching opportunities this is your chance to shine. On Thursday night of FPE, Contestants will have 7 mins to share a bit about themselves, give… Continue reading FPE’s Next Top Presenter

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20 Fun little’s Dates Ideas!

I've talked about identifying with a number of labels, sometimes conflicting labels, simultaneously before. One of these is combos is service submissive and little. On one hand, it makes my heart and soul leap for joy when I can take care of my D-type's needs/wants through graceful anticipatory service that seems effortless. On the other, I… Continue reading 20 Fun little’s Dates Ideas!

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A little bit of history

Over the weekend I learned something that made me stop in my tracks: my good friend, a 19yr old college graduate, had never heard of the AIDS Quilt!!! How had she NOT heard of it!? Growing up in the late '80's and '90's, I remember regularly hearing about the quilt in school. The variety of… Continue reading A little bit of history