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Hitchin’ Bitches Tampa Intensive with DespoenaCalypso


Last weekend the Tampa Chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches had the opportunity to host DespoenaCalypso (DC) for a two-day intensive. Across the seven couples the class had a mixed range of abilities coming into the weekend. The group was across the skill spectrum and honestly this made me a bit nervous. I’ve been to other intensives and the instructors either flew through leaving people in the dust or took so long helping the beginners along that the rest almost fell asleep. DC was able to find a great balance to her teaching though making sure that EVERYONE brought something home with them.

Day One

The first day we took a bit of time to see where everyone was with some simple but critical ties. Once DC felt comfortable that we were all at a safe place to learn the curriculum for the weekend we jumped right in with TKs and variations. The bottoms were all awesome and patient as the tops worked through the ties. We also worked through hip harnesses and talked about energy through rope play, and Ichinawa vs. Muganawa. The night ended with a trip to the monthly party, Circuit, in Ybor.

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Day Two

Day two we started with a class focused on bottoming and prepping our bodies. Rarely do we get time to talk about this kind of thing so I was really happy to start the day out this way. It was also a great way to get everyone’s bodies awake and moving after a long first day/night out. We spent the rest of the day working through partials,  suspensions and again ended with a fantastically hot scene between DC and Optical pulling all the skills from the weekend together.


The ties we were working through were ones that I’m familiar with so for me it was the little things, variations and the precise details, I got to focus on. Things like adjusting the tension on my wraps and making my frictions hard like “little pebbles”*  The fact that I never got bored/distracted was due to DC’s approach in teaching. Everyone got a little one on one throughout the day blended in with our class time allowing her to make personalized suggestions and notes.


There were so many great moments during our two days together and I was happy to see so many Hitchin’ Bitches, new and old, make leaps and bounds in their rope work. A HUGE thank you to both DC and Optical for sharing your time, knowledge, and passion for rope. We’re already planning next years event!


*DC contributes this phrase to Gorgone when she gave an intensive earlier this summer and it absolutely stuck with me too.

**Disclaimer: I’ve known DC for a several years and have had the opportunity to work with her over the last two. She’s influenced and helped form my personal rope style and philosophy.