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Why We Still Fight

Today while I was preparing to teach a rope class my brothers and sisters were creating a Wall of Love around one of our local Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) events.


We all have a right to pee in peace!

In 2016 alone 11 states have seen bills that would restrict access to facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms for trans individuals.

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Book Review: The Leatherboy Handbook

*disclaimer: 1) This review is on the 1st edition of this book which is no longer in print. An expanded version is now available under the new title The Complete Leatherboy Handbook. 2) I am not a gay male. The Leatherboy Handbook (1st ed.) by boy Vincent L. Andrews published by The Nazca Plains 2008. I… Continue reading Book Review: The Leatherboy Handbook