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Confession of a Fat Rope Slut

Confession: My favorite role in rope play is bottoming and I've allowed the negative assumptions from others about my body keep me from really pursuing it.


And we’re back!

So I want to apologize for being MIA since December. Just before the holiday¬†I had an accident while training and hurt both my knees pretty badly. After seeing an amazing specialist we decided that surgery was the best option but that I'd probably be grounded for six months to a year from both aerial and… Continue reading And we’re back!

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My First Earned Leather

In 2013 I attended Beyond Leather and had my first experience with people who identified as "leather. With the structure, etiquette, and sense of community I wanted to learn more. So I started to talk to people who identified as leather and reading up on any sources I could. I attended a number of events,… Continue reading My First Earned Leather