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Happy girl. Pretty Bruises.

I haven't played hard (by my standards) in a long time both when bottoming for the few who Top/Dom me as well as in my self-suspension. Over the last few months, I've been craving rougher play again and I've been enjoying it in tiny doses which have been good for me. This past weekend I… Continue reading Happy girl. Pretty Bruises.


TEDtalk: Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

As a followup to my pieces on Choosing Peace and Self Care I would like to share this amazing video from the great people over at TED. It's from psychologist and author Guy Winch discussing the importance of "emotional hygiene." As practitioners of sex positive lifestyles remembering to take time for emotional self care is very important. Appropriate self… Continue reading TEDtalk: Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid


Choosing Peace

Lately life has been throwing me one curve ball after another: relationships, work, home, circus, rope. As soon as I think I've gotten back to a balanced place another ball comes my way. Sometimes I feel like it's just too much to deal with. In the past, I was the cut and run type but… Continue reading Choosing Peace


Preparing for Rope by Clover

I've been following Kinkyclover's work for a while and wanted to share this well written piece on preparing yourself for rope work. Preparing for Rope by Clover


Taking care of yourself: Aftercare and drop

Private scenes, public parties, or kinky cons can give us a fantastic rush of happy emotions, new friends, and new experiences. It creates a natural high of endorphines, your bodies natural anti stress hormones, that can feel amazing physically, emotionally, and mentally. With the ups comes though the downs and some people experience "drop." "Drop"… Continue reading Taking care of yourself: Aftercare and drop