Seven Needles and a Deep Reminder

Even in the dark times and especially when I don't feel worthy they are my Dominants and I am their girl.

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Paper Kinks!

Confession: I have a paperwork kink! No, I don't mean I like filling out forms in triplicate! Last fall I fell in love with the idea of Butler's Books. I was hesitant because most of my stuff was kept digitally up to that point and I had never successfully used a planner for more than… Continue reading Paper Kinks!

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Darling Discovered: An interview with the author and book review.

On Friday I got a chance to talk with Mrs. Darling, winner of the BDSM Writers Con 2015 Book Contest, about her recently released book Darling Discovered.  It's the kind of book readers really want out of a kinky story: realistic and sexy as hell! Unlike other books that have come out in recent years, Darling Discovered is… Continue reading Darling Discovered: An interview with the author and book review.

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Book Review: Erotic Slavehood

Focused: 5/5 Informative: 4/5 Accessibility: 4/5 Pro: Quick read, helpful for either side of the power exchange Con: Needs a second round of editing, training is very formal and could turn off to some readers Recommended for: Power Exchange, Dominant, submissive, D/s, M/s, solo submissives, TPE First recommended to me by Master Cecil & Serving… Continue reading Book Review: Erotic Slavehood