Here is a sample of classes that I’ve developed over the years. I am always looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and passion. Custom classes are also available by emailing


Non-monogamy & Power Exchanges

On their own nonmonogamous relationships and those that are based in Power Dynamics can be difficult to navigate but extremely rewarding. Blending them together we find ourselves on a path that is rarely discussed within either community but can be satisfying on many levels for those that find a balance. This presentation and discussion will review some of the ways that non-monogamy and Power Exchange relationships combine, suggestions on building strong foundations, and dos and don’ts from tops, bottoms, and families.

I May Be Crazy But…: Navigating PE with Partners Who Have Mental Illness

While the stereotype that all people who practice BDSM are mentally damaged may be a myth mental illness does affect some of the community. This presentation focuses on navigating common issues that arise when one or both partners have a history of mental illness including PTSD, anxiety, and depression. With an in-depth look at preventing conflict, supporting growth, and getting help from the outside when needed Aemok shares her path through Power Exchange and the research that has helped her grow despite her issues.



Intro to Rope

A solid foundation is mandatory, and It’s always good to step through the basics once in awhile. Whether you’ve been tying for years, never touched rope, or spend your time being tied this class will give you a quick look at some rope basics including safety and an excellent opportunity for a hands-on walk through some basic “lego blocks” including single and double column ties, variations, and more. This system of rope bondage is easy to learn and will work with ANY type of rope, not just natural fiber.

So Fluffy I Could Tie!: Working with bodies of all sizes

Enjoying rope isn’t limited to a specific body type. From adjusting ties to fit flexibility limitations to making suspensions more sustainable for large bodies this class covers a variety of helpful tips and tricks for working with bodies across the shape/size spectrum.

Lyra Shibari

In this class, we work on combining two worlds: Circus and Shibari. Lyras are metal hoops used in aerial circus acts which are large enough for a person to sit in comfortably. We’ll explore using a lyra as part of suspensions to create new shapes and visuals with our bottoms.

All Bound Up

Part of the fun of rope for many bottoms is losing our mobility! In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work through two ties that specifically focus on restrictive patterns: shrimp (Ebi) and bail ties. These patterns are fun to learn, easy to be creative with, and can be used on any body style. While this class is open to riggers of any level a solid bowline and double column tie will give you a good start for this class.

The Hips Don’t Lie

If you’re an ass person and you like rope this class is for you! In this hands-on class, you will get a chance to work through a variety of ties that focus on the hips. Whether you work with males, females, or people who identify themselves somewhere in between take this opportunity to explore wearables, functional bondage, and suspension worthy hip ties. Everyone is welcome regardless of prior rope skill level.

Self Tie

Getting Knotty with Yourself

Sometimes you just need the feeling of rope against your skin, the strain of a tight bind, the calmness that comes with limited movement. What do you do when no one is around to help? In this class, participants will work through a variety of self-bondage ground ties including futo momos and shrimp (Ebi) ties. Enjoy exploring the dynamic of self-tying with tips on safety, working within your body’s physical limitations, and getting creative with rope in solo scenes. No prior rope skills necessary.

Getting Your Feet Off The Ground: Self-Suspension Basics

The feeling of rope and flying are fantastic when shared with another person but there’s a whole other realm of experience when it’s Your rope, Your knots, and Your flight. This hands-on class will walk through some basics to get your feet off the ground safely including harnesses, tips for getting up and down on your own, and safety when doing self-suspension. Basic rope skills recommended but everyone is welcome.

Transitioning Self-Suspension

Once we’ve got ourselves off the ground now it’s time to REALLY fly. This class walks through suggestions for making self-suspensions transitions easier and more fluid & safety while we’re up. This class is a blend of demonstration, discussion, and hands-on workshop. Students should have a solid foundation in self-suspension.


Stretching for Scenes

We all know that being in the right headspace for a scene is crucial. For scenes that push the boundaries and limitations of the body getting warmed up and stretched out can be equally important. Prepping the body pre-scene can help you endure/enjoy longer play as well as avoid injuries. In this hands-on class, we work through a sequence of stretches that help you open shoulders, hips, and more. This class is an excellent resource for both tops and bottoms who want to better understand how to prepare their body for safer, more enjoyable scenes.

Realistic Rope Bottoming

Being a rope bottom isn’t all about being super thin, bendy, and willing to do anything and becoming a better bottom doesn’t have to involve dramatic changes to diet or daily life. During this workshop, we’ll talk about working with body limitations, negotiations, and build strength and flexibility through accessible stretches nearly anyone can do. Bring a mat or towel and let’s get ready for rope!


Being Solo on the Right Side of the Slash

Sometimes we find ourselves suddenly on our own in a lifestyle that very much centers around relationships of two or more. Are you REALLY submissive if you don’t have a Dominant? What do you do when you feel yourself disconnecting from your service side? How can you be little without a Big? This class will discuss how you can still feed these parts of yourself even when you don’t have a specific individual/s to work with from identifying alternative service opportunities to methods of self-care.

Our Bodies

From mainstream media to K&P our world is filled with images which influence our ideals of beauty and ourselves and though the lifestyle still tends to be more accepting, body confidence issues are something many of us still struggle with. This panel hopes to open the conversation about our relationships with our bodies. By sharing our own journeys and engaging attendees to discuss common themes that affect people regardless of size such as body shaming and judgment and find alternatives that promote healthy, body positive outlooks.


What’s the big deal about labels?

Labels are a thing of controversy with people on both sides of the love/hate fence. They can be freeing or limiting, contradictory yet not, and sometimes just downright confusing. This class will discuss the the history of labels in our community, the pros and cons of using them, and how we can use them as identifiers without limiting our identities.